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Andrey Aranyshev is a unique painter known not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world. It is possible to say, that to some extent his artistic gift passed to him from ancestors. His great-grandfather - Dmitry Mitrofanovich Kucherenko - was a well-known violinist and opened the first musical school in Yaroslavl. The brother of the great-grandmother - Grigory Vasilevich Sarenko - was the architect who has designed many famous buildings of Yaroslavl, including a building of former hotel " Bristol " and fire depot on the Red Square. The artist’s works are remarkable for interesting forms, harmony of color scale and a variety of images, especially the portraits. In each image individuality and mood are distinctly read through, whether it is a fabulous mythological hero - Dionisis, Silen, the goddesses, disposing a string of destiny, - or characters from real life or the artist’s imagination.
Artist, painter, restorer of oil painting.
Born January, 18, 1956

Main exhibitions

1991 Yuvyaskyala. Finland.
1993 Museum of History and Architecture. Yaroslavl.
1994 "Natura-2". Fine Art Museum. Yaroslavl.

1995. Republican exhibition of Russian painters, Yaroslavl.
1996 Bruxelles. Belgium; Luxembourg.
1997 Modern Art. Moscow.
1998 Exeter. England. Prince Albert Memorial Museum.

2000 Central Concert Hall. Yaroslavl.

2003 Gallery "Areta". Athens. Greece
2006 ArtIndex. Artists of Petersburg 06. St.Petersburg. Russia.
2006 Art from Former Soviet Union to America. Denver. Co, USA.
2006 Gallery "Na Presne." Moscow

2006 LightArtGallery. Prague. Czechia.

2007 - Windows to the Divine, Fra Angelico Celebration of Art and Spirituality, Denver, the USA;
2007 - Art Irelang, Gala Gallery, Vancouver, Canada;
2008 - Art Fair, Edinburg, Scotland;
2008 - Art Manege Moscow;
2009 - the Republican exhibition "Russia", Moscow;
2010 - Silvana Gallery, Glejndejl, California, the USA;
2010 - Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, the USA;
 2010 - "Taches/taches", Sen-Lo, Normandy, France;

2011 - Art Manege Moscow;

2011 - "The Time is now", Group exhibition Auditorium AL Duomo, Florence, Italy.

2011 - "Little Treasures", TIA, Group exhibition, Trevisan Intera Art, Galeria Di Marchi, Bologna, Italy.

2011 - "Here now",   Group exhibition, Ferrara, Italy.

2011 - "Sympony of Colours", Auditorium  AL Duomo, Florence, Italy

2012 - International Group Exhibition. Broadway Gallery. N.Y. USA. 

2012 - Art Monaco 2012

2012 "The Masters Of Contemporary Art Of Our Days". ArtPeople Gallery. San Francisco. California. USA.
2012 Mentana Gallery 
"A Proposal For New Collections". Florence. Italy
Volkov Theatre (Museum). Yaroslavl. Russia.
Art Non-Stop. Museum of Fine Art. Yaroslavl. Russia.

The works are kept in museum and private collections in Russia, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Greece, USA, Italy.
Represented in galleries of Greece, Chech, Canada, Russia