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Andrey Knoblok

The Artist was born in 1938 In Moscow, in the family of the theatrical artist. In 1963 he graduated from the faculty of painting of the Moscow State Art Institute.

In the beginning of the creative activity the artist worked at theatres of Moscow and other cities of Russia. From the beginning of the 70-ies A.Knoblok created sketches of scenery and suits for the Kazan theatre of opera and ballet and other musical theatres of Russia; show-programs and circus representations, concerts of national ensembles, various festivals.

 owever the artist devotes the most part of time and energy to painting and graphics, equally well at traditional techniques of fine arts and inventing new ones. His main attention involves constantly and eternally new Russian landscape where he searches through color for nuances of moods and the special lyrical note. His etudes and pictures are the results of creative trips in Russia and the countries of Adriactic Sea, long walks along attractive corners of Venice. A.B.Knoblok is a member of the Moscow Union of artists since 1966. In 1989 he received the rank of the Honored Artist of Russia. Works of the artist are held in the State museum of musical culture, state art museum of Tatarstan, and also in private collections in Russia and abroad.


1960 – Artists of Russia to the country (Moscow)
1963 – X all-Union Exhibition of diploma works of students (the Academy of arts, Moscow)
1966 – The Exhibition of works of young theatrical artists of Moscow (the House of Actor, Moscow)
1967, 79 – the All-Union exhibition of artists of theatre, cinema and TV (the Manege, Moscow)
1969 – 50 years of the Soviet Circus (the Manege, Moscow)
1970 – The Exhibition of the Ballet suit (the House of Actor, Moscow)
1971, 75 (and further every year up to 1978; 1983) – the Exhibition of works of Moscow theatrical artists « Results of a season » (the House of Actor, Moscow)
 – The international exhibition of theatrical artists «Quadriennale» (Prague)
1974 – The Autumn exhibition of the Moscow artists (the Kuznetskiy Bridge, Moscow)
1977 – Theatrical artists of Tatarstan to 60th republic’s anniversary (the House of Actor, Moscow)
1980 – the Exhibition of theatrical artists of the Volga region «Great Volga» (the House of Artist, Kazan)
1981, 86 – the All-Russia exhibition of theatrical artists (the Manege, Moscow)
1985 – The Republican exhibition of artists of theatre, cinema and TV (the House of Artist, Kazan)
1993 – The Personal exhibition « A.Knoblok - painting, the graphics, theatrical art » (the All-Russia State Library of the Foreign literature, Moscow)
1994 – Boris Knoblok, Andrey Knoblok – the schedule (the State Library of the Foreign literature, Moscow)
1997 – Harlequin, Piero, flowers (the Showroom of Art Combine, Moscow)
1998 – Artists of Russia to Moscow (Municipal art gallery Izmajlovo, Moscow)
1999 – Personal exhibition (the Moscow Russian-German house)
 – Personal exhibition (the Showroom of magazine « Our heritage »)
2000 – Personal exhibition in RNK Bank (Moscow)
2001 – Personal exhibition (the Moscow Russian-German house)
 – Personal exhibition (the Moscow house of journalists)
2003 – Group Exhibition of 10 artists, devoted to 5th anniversary of RNDM (the Moscow Russian-German house)
 – Personal exhibition (the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Moscow)
 – Autumn Anniversary Exhibition of aquarelle (the Showroom on Kashirka, Moscow)
2004 – Personal exhibition (the Spanish cultural center, Moscow)
 – Group exhibition of artists at the international festival of German culture (the Showroom, Saratov)
– Personal exhibition (the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Moscow)
2005 – Exhibition of German artists of association «Ast» (St.-Petersburg)
 – Personal exhibition (Svetlov's Library, Moscow)
Since 2005 – Constant exposition of works in gallery « Center of M » at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre
2006 – Exhibition of A. Knoblok and B. Knoblok (Museum Коненкова, Moscow)
2007 – Exhibition of A. Knoblok and B.Knoblok (the Moscow Municipal Duma)
 – Images of Russian mansions, group exhibition (the State Literary Museum, Moscow)
 – Poetry of gardens, group exhibition (the Showroom "Creativity", Moscow)
 – Christmas stars, a group exhibition (the Showroom "Creativity", Moscow)

2008 - Moscow State Exhibition Hall "At Solianka", an exhibition "Our Russian Germans. Twentieth century." participation of the artist Andrey Knoblok.