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Mukhina Elena

Mukhina Elena Fedorovna
Dates of a life and creativity

1954. Was born in Yaroslavl in the family of great artist F.V.Novotelnova.
1970 - 1974. Studies in the Yaroslavl art school .
 Teachers: Leontev V.N., Druzhinina Y.M.,
 Churin A.A., Smagin A.I., Smagina E.V., Kozhevnikov L.P.
Since 1975 - the participant of all regional exhibitions in Yaroslavl
1976. The first trip to art summer residence in the Hot  Spring
1976. Participation in the 1st republican exhibition “ the Water color and sketch”
 (Leningrad, Russian museum).
1977. Has married Mukhina N.A.
1980. A trip to the Hot Spring - a group exhibition in Yaroslavl
1981. At Hot Spring - acquaintance with remarkable
 Artist Larin Y.B.
1981. Participation in a youth exhibition “ the Youth of the Country ”
 (Moscow, the Arena)
1983. The first trip to the Art Center “Cheluskinskaya”
 (The Moscow area), hobby - etching and lithograph.
1983. 2nd exhibition “ the Water color and sketch” (Leningrad).
1985. Beame the member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
1987. An exhibition in India “ Young artists of the USSR ”
1999. A republican exhibition of Youth in CAH (Moscow).
1990. A joint exhibition with artist S.Stukalin
1990. An exhibition in Italy “Modern graphics of Russia”
1991. A trip to Germany. Joint
 Exhibition with Mukhin N.A. in Cologne
1993. Creation of charity fund KOLO - participation in all
 Annual exhibitions.
1994. A trip to Japan
1996. A personal exhibition in Yaroslavl
1998. Participation in an exhibition “ 850 years to Moscow ” (CAH)
1998. A trip to the Great Britain. Participation in joint exhibitions
 (Exeter, Yaroslavl)
1999. A personal exhibition in a Yaroslavl. Awarded by silver
 “Medal of Worth” by the Russian academy of arts.
1999 - 2000. Two exhibitions of  pastel “ Russia - Italy ”.
2003. Participation in an exhibition “ the Golden Ring of Russia ” (Academy of arts)
2000-2003. A member of board of Yaroslavl organization  CAU

 E Mukhina lives and works in the city of Yaroslavl.
Works are in private collections of Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, the USA, in art museums of the cities of Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Norilsk, Exeter, Moscow (the Museum of the modern art).