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Andrew Aranyshev

Andrej (Andrew) Aranyshev was born in Yaroslavl on January 18, 1956.

As a recognized artist and art restorer he carries a rare conviction in combining the methods of creating conditional decorativeness? color surface and figuraly-spatial reality. His objects are bright and delicate: his images are not fresh but emonion.

The artist describes his seemingly anthropomorphous phantoms as actual
"characters" energies of light, color, and exquisite line and harmony of composition.
(Not involved in authentic object depicting, he dematerializesspatial and air perspectives.
His light? losing its linerity, mystifyess the spectator by its multi-aspectness and emotional dispersion.
His line "exalts", "grounds", "normalizes", and "challenges."

It is unexpected and charming, nervous and ephemeral.
A painter who is a philosopher costs dear, but it is double as costly if he is a true master of art.

Andreij Aranyshevs artworks are found in museums and private collections in Russia, Finland,
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, USA and Australia.
Andreij Aranyshev is conceptually static and not narrative, intuitive and posses visible artistic culture...

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Andrew Aranyshev

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